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20 X 30 Posters (508x762mm)

Now were into sizes are different, and unique. Our 20” x 30” (508mm x 762mm) are large enough to get your message across.

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How would you like to design your 20 X 30 Posters (508x762mm)

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Have you viewed our poster prices, they are unbelievable Take a look at our high quality posters, delivered quickly.

Printing Specifications

We generally prefer files which are PDF’s, high resolution, with Bleed and Tick Marks.

Tips and Advice


When creating and exporting files, please ensure that the colour is set to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) If your file is set to RGB or Pantone, our fantastic proofing tool will convert them automatically to CMYK before printing, but this would mean it could slightly alter the colours.


Ensuring background colours run past the trim lines are essential as it ensures your final trimmed item will not leave any white edges.


Please ensure all fonts are embedded into your PDF for high quality & precise printing. If you are unsure about this, please get in touch.


Try and upload your document as a PDF. Remember to follow the above tips when uploading your final document. Remember your document should only have 1 page per PDF.


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